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 Original Card Submissions

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PostSubject: Original Card Submissions   Original Card Submissions I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 11, 2012 3:56 am

That's right folks, DMK will have its own C4 series! Remember to follow the rules and please behave, no flaming or trolling others submissions. For now there's no limit to the amount of cards you can submit.

...And no do not submit cards that existed in DME's C4 card sets, those cards are gone forever...or are they...?

Quote :
Rules for Submissions:

1. Do not make pre-existing cards from the OCG and TCG of Yu-Gi-Oh!
(ex. Mirror Force/Monster Reborn/Dark Magician etc etc.)

2. Cards should be posted like so:

(Card Image or link to card image)
Card name
Card type (Monster/Magic/Trap)
Card stats (Level/Card icon/etc)
ATK/DEF (if a Monster)

2a) Cards without an image will not be considered. If you're truly at a loss to find an image, use Google Images, or ask someone to help you.
2b) If I cannot get to your card image, I will reject the card. This usually means if your imageshack has expired, or imageshack is down (which is a frequent occurance), I cannot add the card due to the lack of an image and do not wish to wait for it.
2c) Please post a direct link to your card's image. Do not link to DeviantArt pages; link to the image itself. Having to load the page can take a while, and can tend to fail at times, so it's easier for me if you do it in that method.

3. Try to be good with your wording. Try to avoid making huge mistakes like "When this carde is in the Graveyard. During your Standbye Phase. Destroy your opponent's monster."

4. Please no busted or broken cards.

5. Do not re-create Archetypes that already exist (ex. X-Sabers/HERO/Dark World etc etc.) try to create your own and we'll try to add it in.

6. TEMPORARY Try to not make a lot of Archetype and/or support cards for Archetypes that exist in the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG and TCG we are trying to do our own thing here we do not need to help out Konami.

7. Please refrain from posting card art on a white background, it never really looks very good when it gets added to the game.

8. Do not post support cards for another player's archetype unless specifically given permission to do so.

9. If you submit a card that uses a custom token, please provide also an image for that token.

10. Having someone else edit your wording is fine. Moderators can do this if you're somehow unable to do it yourself.

11. If your post gets deleted DO NOT POST AGAIN. This means that I have gone through your cards and denied/added them into the game, I'll leave a reason for Deleting the topic when this happens.

12. For now, we wont be having Pendulum submissions, so please refrain from submitting those until further notice.


We need a minimum of 80 cards per set
C4 Volume 1 quota:

30 monsters (including Extra Deck monsters)
15 Spells
15 Traps
20 exclusives (TBD)

A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage.
Original Card Submissions Link_signature_by_legendaryditto-d41q52s

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Original Card Submissions
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